Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

Whether it's the first- or second-generation model, the Apple Pencil is the best stylus you can get for any iPad. In fact, the only other one you should consider is the Logitech Crayon, and that's only because it's much less expensive. From pressure sensitivity, class-leading palm rejection, and tight integration with iPadOS, the Apple Pencil outstrips any other iPad stylus on the market.

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While the first-generation Apple Pencil doesn't have the excellent magnetic storage and inductive charging of the more recent version (alas, it still needs to stick out of the Lightning port on an appropriately-equipped iPad to charge), it's still a very capable stylus. It's the only one that works with the iPad 2021. Conversely, Apple Pencil 2 can be stored magnetically on the side of its compatible iPads, the iPad Air 4, iPad Pro, and the new iPad mini 6.

This Black Friday will be the best time to get your hands on one, and some sales are already beginning on both generations of Apple Pencil. Here are the best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals that you can find right now. And don't forget to check out more Black Friday Apple deals while you're at it!

Where to find the best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

When do the Black Friday Apple Pencil deals begin?

As we know, Black Friday itself is on November 26 this year, but don't be surprised if you catch a good deal on an Apple Pencil before then. Plenty of discounts and price cuts have already started happening and will likely only get better before the big day comes.

Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

Apple doesn't seem to be in a hurry to update the Apple Pencil. In any case, if you want to use one, you'll need one of the two versions currently on sale. And while there aren't many deals live just yet, there are some discounts available on both the first and second-generation stylus.

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