Best kickstand replacements for Nintendo Switch 2021


Best kickstand replacements for Nintendo Switch iMore 2021

It has been almost completely universally agreed upon that the kickstand on the back of the Nintendo Switch has left a bit to be desired. Yes, it does the job for the most part, but it also feels flimsy and just doesn't meet the same high standard that the rest of the system offers. If you don't like the kickstand on your Nintendo Switch, or if you happened to break off that little piece of plastic accidentally, there are some options available to you.

Stand by your kickstand

There are plenty of options when it comes to replacing the kickstand on your Nintendo Switch. Just find the one that's right for you and go for it. I recommend the HORI Compact Playstand. For less than $20, you get an official Nintendo product that works much better than the stock stand, and you can choose the angle of your Switch console.

Changing the kickstand may not be for everyone. But, if you just want your kickstand to look how it did brand new, then the Switch Kickstand Replacement is for you. It comes from Nintendo, and it's pretty affordable! A simple fix to make your Switch look like new. However you decide to change it up (or not), we know there's a certain comfort in being able to reliably prop up your console and play your favorite Switch games from anywhere while you kickback.

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