The best charger for all your Apple tech is at its lowest price ever


All devices need juice, but charging all your devices can be a bit of a mess and a bit of a drag. Apple's MagSafe Duo charger is built to make charging your devices a breeze. And, right now, Amazon has the best price we have ever seen on the MagSafe Duo, selling it for a mere $103.99.

Since it was first released, the MagSafe Duo has been one of the best MagSafe chargers. With the elegance and simplicity that only Apple can provide and the versatility to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all as fast and as efficiently as possible, it's the perfect charging accessory for anybody with lots of Apple tech. Plus, we think it's an ideal companion for anyone who took advantage of the great Apple Watch Black Friday deals we've seen so far.

The lowest price on the MagSafe Duo ever

You should know that the MagSafe Duo doesn't fit the iPhone 13 Pro perfectly. However, this slight inconvenience doesn't stop the MagSafe Duo from properly charging the iPhone 13 Pro. Plus, it fits all other iPhone models with MagSafe perfectly, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it works with your AirPods and Apple Watch as well. It's a worthy charger for another with multiple Apple devices, IPhone 13 Pro or not.

Don't forget, this is the lowest price we've ever seen on the MagSafe Duo, and it isn't even Black Friday yet! Make sure you grab this charger, and you never have to worry about the best way to charge all your Apple devices again.

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